ANN: snapd 2.0.10 available in 16.04

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at
Sat Jul 9 08:34:19 UTC 2016

Snapd 2.0.10 available in 16.04

The snappy team is very happy to announce that the 2.0.10 release is
now available in 16.04 via "xenial-updates".

The 2.0.10 release contains a number of improvements and fixes over
the previous 2.0.9 release that was availalbe before. The highlights:

- add support for snap {install,refresh}
  --{edge,beta,candidate,stable} shorthand
- add mpris interface
- add the camera interface
- add optical-drive interface
- allow gvfs shares in home and temporarily allow
  socketcall by default (LP: #1592901, LP: #1594675)
- unversionized data directories availalbe via the SNAP_COMMON and
  SNAP_USER_COMMON directories
- deal better with removed `snap try` dirs
- various interface policy updates
- fixes towards running snapd inside lxc
- make `snap change <taskid>` show task progress
- auto-connect home only if running on classic

A more verbose changelog is available and the
full details can be found here:

We hope you like it as much as we do. If you find any issues, please
let us know via:

 Michael (on behalf of the snappy team)

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