Need helping getting started with snapping?

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Sep 12 16:19:37 UTC 2016

Hello eveybody,

Are you interested in snapping software and need help? There's a lot of
good reasons for publishing software as snaps:

 - You get software out to millions of users: Ubuntu (snapd installed
   by default since Ubuntu 16.04 LTS), snapd available too on Arch,
   Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, openSUSE, openembedded, yocto and OpenWRT.
 - You get to define the experience: ship the stack the way you tested
   it. Just one simple test-scenario for you.
 - Building a snap is simple [1] (one piece of YAML controls the build),
   publishing is instantaneous (one command to run, automatic review).
 - Multiple release channels in the store.

If you're intrigued but need help to get started, tomorrow is a great
time for this, as we're going to have another Snappy Playpen event.

Tomorrow (13th Sept 2016) we are going to hang out on Gitter [2] and IRC
[3] and will be there to answer your questions, work on snaps together
and have fun!

In the Snappy Playpen project we are collecting best-practices and work
on getting snaps out there together. We're a friendly bunch and look
forward to meeting you!

WHAT: Snappy Playpen event
WHERE: Gitter [2] and IRC [3]
WHEN: Tomorrow, 13th September 2016


Have a great day,

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