Get your software snapped tomorrow!

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Sep 19 13:44:16 UTC 2016

Hello everybody,

For a few weeks we have been running the Snappy Playpen as a
pet/research project already. Many great things have happened since then:

 - With the Playpen [1] we now have a repository of great
   best-practice examples.
 - We brought together a lot of people who are excited about snaps,
   who worked together, collaborated, wrote plugins together and
   improved snapcraft and friends.
 - A number of cloud parts were put together by the team as well.
 - We landed quite a few high-quality snaps in the store.
 - We had lots of fun.

*Opening the Sandpit*

With our next Snappy Playpen event tomorrow, 20th September 2016, we
want to extend the scheme. We are opening the Sandpit part [2] of the

One thing we realised in the last weeks is that we treated the Playpen
more and more like a place where well-working, tested and
well-understood snaps go to inspire people who are new to snapping
software. What we saw as well was that lots of fellow snappers kept
their half-done snaps on their hard-disk instead of sharing them and
giving others the chance to finish them or get involved in fixing. Time
to change that, time for the Sandpit!

In the Sandpit things can get messy, but you get to explore and play
around. It’s fun. Naturally things need to be light-weight, which is why
we organise the Sandpit on just a simple wiki page [2]. The way it works
is that if you have a half-finished snap, you simply push it to a repo,
add your name and the link to the wiki, so others get a chance to take a
look and work together with you on it.

Tomorrow, 20th September 2016, we are going to get together again and
help each other snapping, clean up old bits, fix things, explain, hang
out and have a good time. If you want to join, you’re welcome. We’re on
Gitter [3] and on IRC [4].

    WHEN: 2016-09-20
    WHAT: Snappy Playpen event – opening the Sandpit
    WHERE: Gitter [3] and on IRC [4]

*Added bonus*

As an added bonus, we are going to invite Michael Vogt, one of the core
developers of snapd to the Ubuntu Community Q&A tomorrow. Join us at
15:00 UTC tomorrow on and ask all the questions
you always had!

See you tomorrow!


Have a great day,

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